I take a lot of pride in using only the best ingredients, and working with local Louisiana farms and growers wherever possible! For the ingredients that I can’t source locally, I work with small, independent companies as much as I can.

Sweet Olive Soap Works is a small business, and I believe in supporting other small businesses too! Here is more information about what you can find in my handcrafted soaps:

Locally Grown – An organic and GMO-free way of life is important to me and I extend those principles to the Soap Works. I enjoy growing everything that I possibly can including most of the herbs, aloe vera and fresh eggs used in the soap recipes. Everything else I leave in the capable hands of Louisiana’s farmers. It is exciting to be able to offer such a large selection of soaps featuring environmentally friendly and locally grown natural ingredients such as Ponchatoula strawberries, pecans, creole tomatoes, herbs, flowers, sugar, rice, honey and beeswax.

Vegan-Friendly – Every product offered by Sweet Olive Soap Works is 100% cruelty free and nearly every product is vegan, but you need to steer clear of the soaps with goat’s milk. Each listing as well as the product packaging displays a full list of ingredients so you can easily tell if it’s the right soap for you.

Oils & Butters – Extra virgin olive oil is the featured ingredient in all of my soap recipes because it is packed with unprocessed vitamins, minerals and proteins that are especially beneficial to your skin. It produces a mild soap that is excellent for sensitive skin and provides a premium base for the herbal oil infusions that are blended into my herbal soap recipes. Combined with a variety of sustainable vegetable oils and butters, the olive oil soap recipes that I offer are a healthy and nourishing treat for all skin types.

Liquid – Each liquid contributes its own beneficial properties to a recipe and although water is the most common, a countless variety of liquids can be used to make soap. Many of my soaps feature locally sourced goat’s milk, beer, fruit juices, coffee and aloe vera juice. Distilled in Kentucky, a customer favorite is Sazerac soap made with Sazerac Rye Whiskey.

Sodium Hydroxide – Soap making is a chemical process which requires mixing oils or fats with sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye. True soap can not be made without the use of lye, which is a word that may frighten people who remember their Grandma’s lye heavy soap that left skin rough and dry. The handcrafted soap making process was a bit different back then and modern times allow me to approach my passion with the utmost care, implementing superior equipment, higher quality materials and precise mathematic calculations to ensure that each bar of soap is perfect.

Colorants – Who doesn’t love a splash of color! I use a variety of colorants in my soap recipe’s from all natural clays, organic pigments and herbs, to the man-made but still fine for you oxide pigments that make the boldest and most beautiful colors.

Scents – I use essential oils and fragrance oils in my recipes and sometimes combinations of both. Which ever your preference may be, Sweet Olive’s product line offers something that will please your senses.

Glycerin – Glycerin isn’t added to the soap recipe – it’s naturally created in the process! Glycerin is a precious emollient that softens and maintains your skin’s water balance by attracting moisture to the skin. It is gentle, all natural and studies have shown it to be so beneficial to your skin that it is extracted from commercial soap and reserved for higher priced body care, hygiene and pharmaceutical products. My soap retains all of its natural glycerin glory.

No-Way Ingredients – One of the most appealing aspects of handmade soap is the ingredients that aren’t added. My soaps are paraben-free and sulfate-free. No preservatives, manufactured chemicals and icky sounding words that you can’t pronounce are ever added to my products. Nope. Not ever.

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